Andre Andrade


Welcome to my personal homepage. This is the place where you can find all about my everyday activities and researches. It's a crazy place, because I' a craze person with lots of interests. Well, feel free to know me a little bit better.



Msc in Computer Science by University of São Paulo in Software Engeneering. Specialist in Formal Verification of Mobile Agents.


Langues: Java, Javascript, PHP, C, C++, C#, Perl
Clients: DASA, Primo Rossi, Instituto Ivaldo Bertazzo


I've started in 2015 a blog to talk about some technical aspects of software development. It can be viewed here:


Specialist in Landscapes and Male Nudes. Worked as photographer of Guiya Gay São Paulo.


Cameras: Nikon D800, Canon 60D and Hasselblad H3D
Clients: Guiya Gay São Paulo
Clients Portraied (2015):
Clicks (2015):


Of course, as one of my specialitites is male nude, you will not see my work in the internet. I can show you my printed portfolio if you request. For the landscapes, you can view some of my work in this facebook page:

Medical (Student)

This is a dream and will be a profession soon. I aways like medicine, so, why not do it? I'm planning do my course in UBA - University of Buenos Aires.


Years of Study: 0
People Helped:
Books Readed:


I didn't start my med school yet but I started to study already and you can find the results here in this blog:

Teaching & Research


I've been a professor of computer science in some universities in São Paulo - Brazil. My students usually didn't like me cause I am a very demanding one. I don't accept less than the best they can perform and learn.


Courses: Introduction to Algorithms I and II, Game Development, Advanced Topics in Software Engeneering, Advanced Topics in OOP, Automata and Formal Languages
Universities: 3


I don't have a blog about my teachings (but I have plans to do an Youtube Channel)


I write about poetry, fiction, and technical stuff.


Published Books: 2


I don't have a blog about my writings.... but I should have one someday.


I also do some research by my own. Ok, my research are crazy things.


Crazy Projects: Domestic EEG, Lucid Dream Experiences, Binaural Beats


I have a blog about my crazy researches. You can access it here:



I'm a hobbist musician. I play piano and synths and I love to create new songs and sounds. I also have a little studio at home.


Gear: Ableton Push, Maschine Studio, MicroKorg, UAD - Satelite DUO
Music Released: 3


You can hear my music at Reverbnation:


I've learned Origami with my mother. And since then, I never stoped doing it. At the beginning I folded simple models with her. Nowadays I just fold complex origami. Specialy tesselations. Soon I believe I'll be designing my own models.


International Conferences: 3
Models folded:


You can view my work and know alittle bit more about the world of origami in Sao Paulo in my blog:

Magic and Cardistry

I've learned magic with an university professor. He is a very talented professinal magic. He liked card magic and so do I. It's the only kind of magic I know being an amateur. Doing magic I learn to love flourishes and cardistry also.


Magic in Repertoire: 12
Decks of Cards +100


No. You know... Magicians don't reveal their secrets ;-)


Mind Hacker

Your brain is the most complex and misterious system you will ever encounter. And you interact with it every moment. So, it's good to learn some tricks to made this interactions more eficient.


Memory: linked lists, 100 system (in development)
Dinamic Reading +400 wpm


No. Not too much to say about it yet. I'm just a beginner.

Body Measurement

If you want to control and improve something you first have to measure and create parameters. With our bodies it's not different.


Gear: Blood Pressure, Fitbit Surge, Withings Scale, Glucose Monitor, Thermometer, Skulpt


I'm centering all the information about my body and fitness in fitbit. So you can find me there:



I'm just a beginner, but as much as I learn I really enjoy the benefits of this amazing game that is much more than that. It's a powerful way of thinking and develop memory and concentration.


Ranking: 15 kyu


I have an youtube channel to help other people to learn this amazing game and to register my own development. It can be viewed here:

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